Banger is a typeface consisting of four styles – one for display use, and three for text. The primary focus was on developing display style which is a result of personal drawing explorations. They include analysis and sketching of inline and shadow lettering, stone carving, multipolygonal vector lettering animations, and python scripting to optimize drawing.

Borjan Pavlek

Borjan Pavlek is a type and graphic designer from Croatia. He graduated with a master's degree from the School of Design, University of Zagreb in 2018 after which he worked as a graphic designer in a Zagreb-based advertising agency. His freelance letterings, type explorations, and animations have resulted in a portfolio that got him a place at Type and Media, from where he graduated with a typeface Banger.


The expressiveness of sketches and focus on the volume of letters were summed up in an idea to outline heavy shapes with a thin line. The result is a light, but also rhythmic construction that knits lines of text in a soft and airy texture making it suitable for a display environment. The subtle brush-inspired details served as a guideline to design accompanying slab-serif text styles.

Regular, Italic, and Bold have been designed to make longer texts pleasant to read. It relates to display style in soft detail treatment which suggests the presence of a writing hand, visible in terminals and serif construction.

Banger is still developing. The construction of the display style can be used as a skeleton upon which bolder and multilinear versions are to be designed.

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