Loza is a family of italics. Distinguished by the mixture of historical influences and calligraphic flavor it creates an energetic texture on the text block. Initially, the family started as an exploration of different aspects of cursive construction, its role in text and the relationship between italic and roman.

The resulting family consists of display and text styles. Display styles include only italics in different variations. Each style has its own voice and role, but they are all united by cursive construction, sharp serifs and energetic playful rhythm.

The Display Black is fat, friendly and fills all the available space. Its pointy endings work the best in the large size. The Display Bold plays with different slopes to the point of reverse contrast. It's supplemented by the Backslanted Bold. They share the same weight and proportions. The Display Light is more elegant and serious. It has an additional set of swashy capitals and figures that make it quirky and historical.

The text styles are calmer and more neutral than the display styles.

Anna Khorash

After completing her master's degree in type and typography at the Moscow University of Printing Arts, Anna developed a deep appreciation for type design. For several years, she honed her craft as a type designer at Contrast Foundry. However, an adventurous spirit and a thirst for new knowledge led her to Israel, where she delved into the study of Hebrew, Jewish culture and the development of Hebrew typefaces.

A desire to improve her professional skills, an interest in research and a love for letter-drawing led her to the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague. Today she works as a freelancer balancing her work between the Netherlands, the US and Israel, spreading her passion for different scripts, printing techniques and stone carving.



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