Cosm is a type family that consists of a Regular style matched with a sharp, narrow and steeply angled Italic, accompanied by various »Decay styles« that capture an abysmal aesthetic. Started as a research about fear, the design was molded by ping-ponging drawing and coding to create a unique design that bears no conventional or formal reference.

Benn Zorn

Benn Zorn is a type and graphic designer from Berlin Germany. When not working with his fellows at Berlin design studio aufsiemitgebrüll, he designs typefaces. His typefaces usually try to reconcile various analog and digital approaches. He himself describes type design as »frustinating«, a mixture of frustrating and fascinating. When not problem-fighting letters, Benn Zorn is patiently waiting for the world to end.



The initial ambition was to cast feelings of angst or phobia into a typeface, to shed some light on feelings and emotions that are underrepresented in type design. The intended setup was to use coding as a refinement tool for the actual drawing of the typeface, an approach that resulted in many trigonometrical coding experiments. To create organic, gooey or spider-web-like forms, Voronoi diagrams and other mathematical shape-generating algorithms were coded with DrawBot and implemented in RoboFont. After several experiments did not fully capture the desired dynamics, iterative drawing took over, abandoning a fully consistent design space. In the end, weeks of pondering and correcting led to a construction model that has no predecessor (and was therefore hard to polish).

TypeMedia class of 2022

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